Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Immediate E-Mail Follow Up--It's Imperative !

Marketing-guru and author Sally Hogshead likes to say that humans have the attention span of a goldfish---9 seconds. With that lack of attention span in mind,what is the optimum time for e-mail follow up in the lead cultivation process. How about immediately! One way to measure prospect engagement is to look at the click-through rate of a specific e-mail.Given how hard it is to generate " good-leads" it is amazing how just a little delay in our response to these leads can effect what happens next.

This recent blog post by Mike Volpe of Hubspot documents the decline in click through rates for an e-mail lead-nurturing campaign over multiple days after a website lead conversion. In other words, each and every day delayed in follow-up could result in 3 times less of a CTR compared to immediate follow up. These numbers really bring out the importance of staying on top of the lead nurturing process. Tardy follow up can be deadly.

I think there is one other lesson to be gleamed from the stats. If roughly 7%, at best, of our leads are engaging with our nurturing messaging is it really possible to have too many good qualified sales leads? One of the messages I get is that we all need more leads.

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