Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fish Where The Fish Are

The maxim, " Fish where the fish are," is as relevant to markets and investing as it is for selling or fishing. Thanks to Jesse at his Amercain Cafe for the chart above. It's been popular in some forums to label the yellow metal's move over the past several years " a bubble". I don't know about that but what I do know is that gold is in a Bull Market.From my experience bull markets tend to have quite a lifespan. Think about the lastgreat equity bull market we experienced. It began in 1982 and had a run to 2000 ---- almost 18 years.

That's not to say that there aren't some hair-raising corrections in the interim but as Jesse Livermore was reported to say, " I made my money by sitting not by thinking ". ( In other words he sat with his positions and let his profits run rather than trading in and out --provided we are in a bull market of course).

The point here is that we are in the fourth or fifth inning of a nine inning gold bull and the major fireworks are still to come . Stay long, stay strong the numbers to come will be breath-taking.

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