Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trade Shows in the Second City

When I started this blog one of my intents was to focus on the B2B world. As time has gone by my posts have tended towards economics/politics. Here's a brief return to original intent.

As an amateur student of business and markets a daily read of Mike Shedlock’s blog (Mish) has not only helped keep me out of investment problems in this tough environment but his writing has also generated money making ideas for me as well. In one of his posts over the weekend he addressed a situation that is dear to all of our hearts---some of the outrageous costs associated with Trade Shows. Worth a read by everyone who has to deal with this kind of stuff.



It was a painful decision for the Chicago-based trade association, whose first trip here for its annual convention impressed its members, until they got the electricians' bills."Our costs were about $200,000 more," said Lieber. "So it went from $40,000 to $240,000 for the electrical work alone…….

The city got the word Wednesday that the huge medical convention wouldn't return. They're also sweating out a decision by an even bigger show.The International Plastics Showcase has been in Chicago since 1971, but now a spokesman says: "We are looking at other options."

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