Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saddam & Al Qaida--- No Links

I know we've all been engrossed in the Elliot Spitzer disgrace(especially us living in the Albany area) but it seems like the recent Pentagon-sponsored report would generate more press coverage than it's currently getting . We're looking at 4000 dead Americans, 30,000 or so wounded, who knows how many dead Iraqi's, a couple million displaced and billions and billions of dollars just flushed down a toilet over the past couple years.Why? The Old Maid Geraldine Ferraro is getting more press right now than this story.

Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida
By Warren P. Strobel McClatchy Newspapers

Posted on Monday, March 10, 2008

WASHINGTON — An exhaustive review of more than 600,000 Iraqi documents that were captured after the 2003 U.S. invasion has found no evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime had any operational links with Osama bin Laden's al Qaida terrorist network.
The Pentagon-sponsored study, scheduled for release later this week, did confirm that Saddam's regime provided some support to other terrorist groups, particularly in the Middle East, U.S. officials told McClatchy. However, his security services were directed primarily against Iraqi exiles, Shiite Muslims, Kurds and others he considered enemies of his regime...

We really need to have a national discussion and we need to have it soon. It probably won't happen in this election cycle,but we need to talk about --- the role of the American military be in the world today. Right now the the road to economic destruction for the US is assured with a continuation of the current course . We've been in Iraq for five years now and Senator McCain talks of a multi-generational commitment still. Afghanistan is getting worse by the month. Our debt-laden economy is on the rocks and crude oil is hitting $110 a barrel--Matt Simmons talks about $378 oil ( if prices stay sticky in the $100 range get ready for close to $5 gallon soon).

What are we doing?

It's sad to watch this--I feel like I'm watching a slow-motion car -wreck. The masses are still oblivious.

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Bruce Bergwall said...

It seems that what if really happening is that the US is fighting a proxy war against Iran in Iraq; which after all is the source of most all the lethal weapons that are being used against American troops. Should we be in Iraq; good question. Its a mess but if it were Gore in the WhiteHouse instead of Bush I sense that the tone would be remarkably different.